Monday, July 5, 2010

Significant events in U.S. history to 1700

You are responsible for knowing what these events were, the dates they occurred, and why they are historically significant.
  • Christopher Columbus lands in Hispaniola, 1492
  • DeSoto discovers Mississippi River, 1542
  • United Kingdom founded with coronation of James I, 1603
  • First permanent English settlement founded at Jamestown, Virginia,1607
  • Mayflower arrives at present-day Massachusetts, 1620
  • New York City founded as New Amsterdam, 1625
  • New College (Harvard College) founded, 1636
  • UK governed as Commonwealth, 1649-60
  • British Capture New Amsterdam in second Anglo-Dutch War,1664
  • Salem witch trials held in Massachusetts, 1692
You'll be tested on these events on your quiz Wednesday. You will also be responsible for knowing these and all applicable events for the corresponding unit test and for the final exam.

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