Friday, July 30, 2010

Make-up work

To receive additional credit (5 pts. each) on your last unit test (1865-1914), send me these questions along with your answers no later than the evening of Tuesday, August 3, 2010. Finding answers to one or more of these questions may require going to sources we didn't consult in-class or in reading assignments. It's OK to help each other with your answers, but please do your own work--don't simply copy answers from a classmate.

Unit 3 - Supplementary Test Questions

1. Which writer we studied in this period worked as a Mississippi riverboat pilot?

2. Which writer that we studied during this period wrote about life in Louisiana and often reproduced the regional dialect in short stories?

3. By about what percentage did the U.S. population increase from 1860 to 1910?

4. What scientific book, by what author, continued to influence religious and social thinking during this period. Why was it so influential?

5. List five muckracker authors, the title of one of his or her books, and what the book was about.

6. In what story does Peyton Farquhar appear?

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